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Es ist relativ ruhig geworden in der Online Investment Branche, vor allem aufgrund der letzten Scams. Am härtesten hat es Investoren/Networker von Biznet, da dies relativ überraschend kam. Aber auch CTC hatten viele im Portfolio. Man merkt sehr gut, wie viele Leute keine Lust mehr haben auf die ganzen Scams! Deshalb haben sich viele anders orientiert (Richtung Kryptowährungen) oder eine andere Strategie entwickelt. Wir werden dazu in den nächsten Tagen ein Video auf unserem Youtube Kanal veröffentlichen. Abonniert also unseren Kanal um nichts zu verpassen!


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Wenn du, wie sehr viele Menschen, darauf wartest, dass am 25. Oktober BTG (Bitcoin Gold) entsteht und deine Bitcoins liegen lässt, um kostenfrei BTG zu bekommen, möchte ich dich auf etwas extremwichtiges hinweisen: Wenn du auf deiner Wallet dann BTG bekommen hast, bitte NIEMALS sofort BTG (Bitcoin Gold) verkaufen! Der Grund: Bitcoin Gold und Bitcoin hängen noch zusammen und sind aktuell noch nicht getrennt (Replay Protection). Erst wenn das offiziell bestätigt ist, bist du sicher. Was passiert: solltest du BTG wegschicken (z.B. zu einer Exchange, weil du verkaufen willst), kann es passieren, dass du Bitcoin mit wegschickst (weil die Replay Protection fehlt). Da aber keine Wallet-Adresse für BTC angegeben wurde, können dann dein BTC weg sein! Keine Chance, BTC wieder zu bekommen! Daher bitte ABWARTEN! Deine Wallet (Jaxx/Exodus etc.) muss erst diese Sicherheits-Komponenten bestätigen.

MySystemX (MSX)

Newsletter von FXNextGen:


As already described last week, the Multi-Asset Forex Fund has been extended with mid and long-term strategies to ensure stable growth over the next month. All those steps were already planned from the beginning, but as such setups needs longer planning and comes with certain liquidity requirements, it was not able to align right away.


With this development, our fund is in a very good position to generate stable returns of at least 4% per month over the next year. This can be boost up with much higher returns based on the short and mid-term trading results. At this stage and with the current fund size also the monthly cap is more theoretical and we will share higher profits in case of better results. The past has shown that there is the chance of higher returns under perfect market conditions.


Due to the new fund strategies, we could share a profit of 1.15% last week. The newly developed fund description can be accessed by this link:


More details and descriptions of the fund are a main part of the Broker presentation during the MSX-Event in Munich. If you are interested in high professional managed funds and trading strategies, you are more than welcome and should join the event. You can contact the support team for further information.


Trading Update

It seems that volatility is coming back, which at least is a good sign for the next two month. Currently, we are mainly analysing a few possible adjustments to the HFT strategies to put the risk towards zero. The October so far was completely different to previous month and the first half of the year. Such adaptations are normal and required from time to time, as the market is constantly changing, which is clear because it’s all about psychology from market participants.


Currently, the euphoria is in a dangerous area and the greed index is on an all-time high. All stock and crypto markets are on all-time highs and it seems no one is concerned about any risks, this is a very toxic mix. Many traders think there is a need of trading every single day and fall into aimless action, to not miss every possible opportunity. This is the reason why 95% of all traders are losing money. In such periods, its often better to watch from the side-line and wait for the right situations and then, when the right situation is present, take the chance. Most traders don’t get this opportunity because almost all money is lost and without capital, trading is not possible.


We will provide a new Roadmap for the rest of the year soon and also go very much in detail at the MSX-Event in Munich, this will all investors give a clear picture of what will happen with their money in the next few months or years and how they can see it growing.


Credit Card Deposits

Finally, we are happy to announce that we received all approvals and we can start with credit card deposits. We perform the final integration and testing for the new API today and activate deposits by tomorrow, most probably in the afternoon. We could also negotiate a very good deal and the fees will be 2.5% at the beginning and when the monthly volume increases, it will be even lower. As credit cards are very often used fraudulently, we need to take some precautions to secure our customers and us, which are:

Every client who wants to use a credit card needs to upload both sides of the card in the profile. The 8 middle numbers and the CVV should be covered for security reasons. The cardholder must match with the name in the client profile.


Every successful transaction will be additionally checked by our finance team and the card used and the card of the profile must match. Afterwards the deposit will be marked as paid.


Every deposit from a credit card is not withdrawable for 2 month. This is important to protect us against any possible chargebacks. Afterwards it is possible to either withdraw back to the card or use any other withdrawal option.


Debit Cards

Per the latest information, 2Pay4You is very close on starting with the sale of debit cards. At the beginning, it will be only provided for Europe as MasterCard and Visa have changed their license model recently and every provider is required to have a dedicated license for every continent. Countries outside of Europe unfortunately need to wait a bit longer.


The reason for the delay was that Mastercard didn’t accept to offer debit cards to a provider who is using bitcoin as payment option. 2Pay4You was required to create a new platform only for handling crypto currencies and this platform will start soon. As soon as we have the final fee agreements and an official start date, we will inform all our clients.




Liebe Optiomenter!


Wie bereits angekündigt haben wir für euch ein Event der Superlative organisiert!

  • Zum Einen wollen wir gemeinsam mit euch das einjährige Jubiläum von OPTIOMENT feiern!
  • Zum Anderen stellen wir euch zukünftige Innovationen und Entwicklungen bei OPTIOMENT vor!
  • Und natürlich erwarten euch viele weitere interessante Themen!

ECKDATEN zum Super-Saturday:

Veranstaltungsdatum: 18.11.2017

Beginn: 14:00

Einlass: ab 13:00

Dauer: bis ca. 19:00

Karten gibt’s hier:

Preis: € 15,00 - Bezahlt werden kann natürlich mit BITCOINS oder über Paypal



Für alle, die eine weite Anreise zu unserem Event haben, gibt es eine Übernachtungsmöglichkeit im Austria Trend Hotel Pyramide.

Tipp: bucht am besten über;label=hotel-70203-at-WPiWjYkrBqRwpmQLHl3D0QS163931092487%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg%3Afi%3Atikwd-2860888484%3Alp9062725%3Ali%3Adec%3Adm;sid=e081d7a1d9cc2c4a73a9849f9ed217cb;city=-1994708;expand_sb=1;highlighted_hotels=70203;hlrd=no_dates;keep_landing=1;redirected=1;source=hotel&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIo7Oppd7l1gIVwW4bCh39YQg-EAAYASAAEgLavfD_BwE&



Der Eintritt ist mit 650 Personen limitiert!

Wir raten euch daher, euch schnell eure Karten zu sichern.

Hier nochmal der Link zum Event und zu den Karten:


Wir freuen uns auf einen interessanten und spannenden Nachmittag mit euch!



Webinare diese Woche

BitClub: Montag bis Donnerstag jeweils 19.20 Uhr:


Optioment: Dienstag 20.00 Uhr:

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