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1. Videonachricht von Maik Dieroff (Gesellschafter von MSX):


2. Newsletter FXNextGen vom 30.10.17:


"In the calendar, the month October has not ended yet, but for our trading reports it has. Ups and downs and an extended fund strategy for the next year, this describes best the challenging month we had. At the end, we had the best month so far in terms of money return to our investors. We will not stand still and bring in more diversity with additional trading strategies, to increase the return and balance the equity of the fund.


Starting this week, we have two additional trading strategies from two new trading teams and the swing trading account is still in place in the background, but the plan is to only use this account as a backup. As previously the link for the monthly report of the swing trading account will be provided in the trading update.


After 3 weeks of many tests and analysis, we finally found the root cause for the problems with the HFT system. On Friday evening the first trades were completed with the same pattern and profit rate as we had it in September already. This is a promising sign and we will turn the system with reasonable lot size on again and watch the outcome.


Only a few days left to the MSX Event in Munich and we are looking forward give you a report and summary of the past month and a forecast for the remaining year and the next year. There will be also the possibility for interactive questions and answers and some personal talks in between and the end of the event.


Trading Update

As mentioned above, the HFT system will be turned on this week. We will start with low lotsize and increase daily if the outcome is as expected. After the few trades on Friday we are confident to get it working again and generate some profit this week.


The company basis to ensure liquidity of the fund and cashflow, is the swing trading account at the moment. The strategies are perfect for longer trends in the market as we see it since September. This shows again the importance of a good diversity and it helps to generate returns even when the HFT system is not working, which can always happen for a short period of time as it is a very complex system. The monthly report can be found here:


Two new strategies have been added and we expect stable returns with a very strict risk management. The reason for two new trading teams was not only the strategies, it was also a geographical decision to cover 24-hour operation from Monday to Friday as every market session (Australia, Asia, Europe, USA) is a bit different.


Credit Card Deposits

Credit card deposits are activated since Wednesday and the procedure is very easy. To unlock credit card deposits, you first need to upload the credit card you are going to use. No verification of the credit card is required, so after the upload you can immediately do the deposit. On the deposit page enter your details and our system communicates with the credit card gateway directly. We do not store any credit card details and all communication is by a secure SSL connection.


Depending on your credit card (with or without 3-D Secure), your deposit is either confirmed directly or you are redirected to the website of your bank/card issuer to perform additional verification. Afterwards you are redirected back to our website. The card processing can take up to 1 minutes or sometimes a bit more. As long as you see something showing “Processing” and not a timeout from your web browser, be patient.


After the authorization of your transaction, your deposit has the status verification in our system. You can also see the status on your dashboard. We will check every transaction if the provided credit card is matching manually and afterwards your deposit will get the status paid or confirmed, depending if you did a deposit in a Multi Asset account or Traders Room account.




Bilder vom 1-jährigen Jubiläums-Event vom 28.10. in London:




Betreffend des 4%-Planes. Aufgrund mehrerer Faktoren wie:

  1. dass es momentan schwierig ist an Bitcoins zu kommen
  2. auf Grund der Hardforks
  3. dass die Trader-Listen so spät gekommen sind
  4. und der geringen Vorlaufzeit bei Beginn der Aktion

haben wir mit Lukas eine Verlängerung ausverhandelt und nun die Bestätigung erhalten.


Das heisst, Lukas hat uns die Aktion bis 20. November verlängert!


Danach wird das Crypto-Trading mit 3% bis Ende des Jahres weitergeführt und ab 1. Januar 2018 mit 2.5% fix installiert.

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